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We’re always measuring, comparing, competing and scoring something.

Aha Moment Monday

This is a time in the season when there are a multitude of sports all happening at the same time.
Baseball season is ramping up, golf is in full swing, hockey and basketball are in play-offs and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The media right now is full of “scores”.
And we have the summer Olympics coming up! An abundance of scorings will be filling our air waves.

If you want more “scores” in the meantime, you can tune into Bloomberg news and see how the market, business and currencies are measuring up.

In fact you might be scoring yourself right now: your business performance, your credit, your team, your love life, your time, your diet or your fitness level.
We’re always measuring, comparing, competing and scoring something.
And in order to measure, compare, compete or score we need to have a benchmark, something or someone to measure against, right?

A friend texted me a couple of days ago unable to meet because she was having, “the day from hell”.
I received the text at the very time I was watching a report on the raging fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Not to take away from my friend’s frustrations in her business, but on a scale of 1-10, even she admitted later on that her score of “hell” was around “2” in comparison to what the people of Fort McMurray are experiencing.

Aha – scores are only meaningful in comparison

Think about it.
A basketball team might typically score 100 points in a game. Sometimes that’s enough to take the win and other times it’s not.
Sometimes the golfer who takes home the trophy is 7 under and other times 7 under is at the bottom of the pack.

I was delivering a presentation a few years ago and my son accompanied me to the country in which I was presenting.
I shared with him that I was uncomfortable making the presentation – not because of my material, I was on fire and ready – but because I had put on a few pounds and didn’t feel like myself.
He told me that for all anyone knew I could have just lost 100 pounds, at which point I probably would have felt incredible!

My score for my physical self was low in comparison to another who potentially would have achieved the weight coming from a different perspective.

Everything is relative.

Perhaps there are some things that should never be a competition.
Rather than compare or judge that something is good or bad, high or low, fast or slow, we could just accept that it just is – and support it – or them.
Oh … and always be grateful.


Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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