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Aha Moment Monday

I imagine it must be tough for H.R. professionals to establish a salary level for a number of individuals doing the same work.
While there are quantifiable results you can measure amongst peers, how do you measure and compensate joy and enthusiasm?

There are people on the team who will absolutely, positively get their work done.
Then there are others who will also get their work done but in doing so inspire and ignite those around them.  They bring a different attitude to their work.  They apply their entire selves with every task at every moment.
While their results might be the same or similar, these individuals create great energy which is good for everyone.

Have you ever met with a salesperson who you could tell really needed the business?  There was a sense of desperation and pressure and, as a result, negative energy.
Even though their words indicated they had what you wanted, the feeling you got from them made you step back rather than forward.

Conversely, when people have enthusiasm for their work – no matter what that work is – you’re naturally drawn to them.
It’s not that they don’t have their own stress or challenges, but they choose to live in the moment and make the very best of opportunity and those around them.
Is it a form of living art that they’ve mastered?  That their enthusiasm and positivity inspires them to do their job and then some?

Aha –  It’s that “ …and then some” that sets you apart

We need to reach back to childhood when we didn’t walk, we ran…and when every moment was a new discovery.
When you think about it, this very moment – right now – will never happen exactly the same ever again.
That means every moment that may feel routine and promote complacency, is actually a new opportunity to craft your life.
How is that not totally exciting??!!

The system may not have a rubric for compensating your enthusiasm but the Universe does.

Burst out of your position.

Become a master at the art of living.


Jae M. Rang, MAS

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