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A Few Choice Words

Aha Moment Monday

Think of the last time you went to see a speaker, a trainer or sat in on an education session.
What was the topic?
What was your take-away?

The educator or facilitator likely delivered information that, if you employ it, will change your course dramatically.
But also likely is that the magnitude of the impact of the material was directly related to the teacher’s ability to relate the material to you.

I could tell you that I ran 10k which, without a frame of reference – to say that 10k is 6 miles or 24 times around a quarter-mile track or, for me, 53 minutes of running – you might not be able to relate to what 10k means.
I could say that my FitBit lasts a long time but “long” is, also, relative.  When I relate that it will last four to five days, you’re onside with my description of “long.”

Same holds true for your marketing message.
Saying that your car goes from zero-100km in 7.3 seconds or that you offer the best in service or that you carry all the name brands from Italy just creates more questions.

How can we help our customers instantly grasp our value?

Aha – start with what’s familiar

The disconnect between companies and customers might very well be in the relatable portion of the brand message.
You and your audience absolutely, positively have to be on the same page.

There are a few ways to relate:

Using similes: making a comparison using the words “like” or “as”.  For example, “The lightning lit up the sky like fireworks”, or, “The eclipse made the day sky as dark as night”.
Speaking metaphorically:  making a comparison using a figure of speech or citing something that relates to what you’re describing.  “Her daughter’s room was a disaster area.”, and “To me, new networking events are a sea of nameless faces.” give you a glimpse.
Telling stories: giving a real-life example of how you will enhance your customer’s world

You know that suicide for any business is trying to be all things to all people.
Be laser-sharp with your focus then develop a story or a sentence that perfectly describes you in a way that relates.

“Breakfast of Champions.” “Think different”. “…gives you wings!”
Sometimes a few choice words are all you need!


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