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A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

Aha!  Moment Monday


How do you stay on track to accomplish what you set out to do?

Are you a list-maker? Do you schedule time for things? Are you so intrinsically motivated that nothing will stand in the way of your success-bound behaviour?

For many of us we need some kind of system or nudge to keep us moving in the right direction. I find once something makes my list it becomes a commitment. (Full disclosure, sometimes I do a couple of easy or fun things on my list before I tackle the big stuff and sometimes I even add to my list that which I have already completed to make me feel like I have some momentum. Whatever works, right?)

It is the new or foreign tasks that get added to the list, or scheduled into the calendar, that take the most effort to get started on, those that require a little more learning, a bold decision, or simply putting yourself out there. The added oomph to overcome “… the start that stops most people” may require a little more belief, courage, encouragement or inspiration. I am not sure which is more difficult: tackling a new behaviour or keeping your promise on a routine one during the times when it isn’t obvious you are making a difference.

My friend, Judy, jumped a procrastination hurdle. She posted declaring she finally checked something important off her list. I happened to see her post the other evening, congratulated her and asked what it was that she achieved. Here was her response: “I sent out an email to my list that I have kept saying I was going to do and didn’t. I want to send one weekly, like you do, on wellness tips, articles or whatever I happen to come across. I love getting yours every Monday.” I wanted to cry.

Aha! ~ When you feel like quitting, ask yourself why you started.

This month marks eight years of Aha! Moment Mondays. It has become my very favourite work.

I remember years ago a friend dropped by before Christmas and I said I needed time to finish my Aha!s so my colleague could load them into the system for those who would check emails over the holidays. My friend said that it probably didn’t matter, that no one would miss them if I didn’t send them.

My commitment to writing inspiring or enlightening or paradigm-shifting words and sending them into the ethers for whomever comes across them, is a promise I made to myself. Some Aha!s pour out easily, others, like this one, take hours. Some generate tremendous written feedback or shares, others, not so much. It’s all good.

Both Judy and I have a passion for inspiring other humans which comes with no attachment to any related outcome. Judy inspires her community to take charge through fitness. I couldn’t be prouder of her decision to share her voice and contributing to lifting humankind.

The world needs more YOU. Keep going.

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