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Aha Moment Monday

In an industry that’s known for producing gifts, this is naturally a season that sparks gift-giving conversations.

Some people know well in advance which gifts are planned and for whom.

Others consider gifting an expense and cut it from the budget.

A few are frustrated trying to find the perfect gift

And then there are those who think there’s an entitlement attitude when it comes to receiving gifts and don’t care to play the game.

No wonder this time of year can be so stressful!!!

Is there a right answer of what and how to give?

Wait. What is the question?

Aha – are we discussing “giving” or “trading”?

The ‘trade’ mentality says, “you gave me this so I’ll give you that”.

It might feel like there’s some pressure to offer a gift because the gift is in response to business or service.

The motivation behind “giving” a gift is different.

A true gift is not given in trade; in fact there’s no attachment to the outcome whatsoever.

Think of it this way.

G.I.F.T. Give It Freely, Thankfully

In the long run, giving is like a boomerang: it always comes back.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree………..

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