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Aha Moment Monday

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A 2013 Canadian Incentive Trends Survey by Berkeley Payment Solutions asked the question, “Do you feel you gained an advantage over the competition because of your incentive program?” In 2013 62.4% of the companies polled said they did indeed.

Berkeley CEO David Eason says companies that are having the most success with programs use them to focus on solving business challenges like customer engagement or selling a specific SKU.

My bigger question is why are these programs working so well?

Aha – it’s about our need to be part of the bigger picture.

Think about it.

We humans like to belong. We also have a need to be heard and validated.

So it makes sense that when our incentive ties in with our needs – and lifestyle – it’s going to be successful.

So what if we presented a corporate challenge and created a think tank within the team?

Might we generate some new ideas and action steps to collectively overcome our challenges?

With the right incentive, we sure would.

Sounds to me like a good incentive plan needs to be part of the marketing mix.

P.S. thanks to an article in Marketingedge Magazine, “Driving Your Success Through Rewards and Incentives Programs” for the survey info!

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