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Aha Moment Monday

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I attended “The Art of Small Business” day of lectures.

Presenters included a couple of authors, an expert on social media, even a Dragon’s Den star.

Even though I had a pounding headache I enjoyed the entire day and consumed great marketing and communication information.

When I reviewed my notes after the event I couldn’t help but notice a common thread.


I extracted a contribution to this unstated theme from each speaker hearing the need to cultivate relationships in advance of the selling process, nurturing relationships in all directions of your circle of influence, creating referrals and new relationships, building trust through social media relationships, and enhancing relationships in our “tribe”. Of all the success-skills and tactics presented, “relationships” seemed to be a common denominator.

Makes sense when you think about it since we’re people first, right?

Aha, what about the relationship with yourself?

Doesn’t a relationship with anyone else begin and end with the relationship you have with yourself?

Whenever I receive an oozing compliment I always say “thank you” then add that “…we see others as we are ourselves.”

You see, the reason we see beauty – or insightfulness, or generosity, or love – is if we in some way own that characteristic ourselves.

It’s the awareness that enables us to recognize the quality. And the depth to which we appreciate ourselves enables us to give it away.

Michael Gerber, the final speaker of the series of lectures didn’t touch on tactics or trends.

He spoke specifically on what he called, “skills to being human”. He ended the day reminding us that success starts at home.

Feeding ourselves isn’t selfish because we can’t give what we don’t have!

How would life change if you began all relationships with yourself?

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