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Aha Moment Monday

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Do you hear the word “balance” often?

Everyone seems to be striving for “balance”.

It’s like a craving that we’re always pursuing.

When I hear the word “balance” I think of the balance beam in high school gymnastics.

How easy was it to do a walkover or a turn on the line on the floor but as soon as you lifted that line, the move became so much more difficult.

Nothing changed in terms of physical ability but the circumstances generated some fear which changed the conditions.

So I’m thinking that with our complex lives, the conditions of achieving balance make it more difficult to achieve it.

Aha! What if we reframed “balance” with “harmony”?

Our lives are changing constantly and the proportions of which contribute to balance also change; i.e. what makes sense one year or one week or one day doesn’t make sense another. The stress of keeping proportions properly aligned for “balance” is stress in itself.

But if we strive for harmony, making decisions based on the priorities of the now, we can stay true to ourselves.

(The word “harmony” even has a settling ring, doesn’t it??)

Part of being in harmony means accepting that everything is exactly as it should be and perhaps weighting a little heavier in one area for a period of time, serves a purpose.

The most important aspect, though, is that we always have a choice with our time and how we use it.

Actually, we’ve got all the time in the world!

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