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Aha Moment Monday

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I’m a follower of Michael Gerber (author, “The E Myth”).

In his first book he talked about “expectation” and used a hotelier as an example.

His story being that the management of the hotel set up a system to align with their guests’ expectations and delivered to those expectations repeatedly.

It’s how they developed loyal clientele.

I’ve recognized the significance of expectations and how it can build up or tear down a relationship.

Consider that you expect your spouse to take out the recycling before the truck arrives.

Or that your kids will get their homework done before bedtime.

Or that the project you entrusted to your team will materialize just as, well, expected.

If you frequent an establishment – like your local coffee house – you’ve likely determined a set of expectations.

Could be anything from the quality of food or service to how long you stand in line.

Regardless of the experience being positive or negative, you’ve come to expect it to happen a certain way.

But the real issue is deeper than that.

Aha – it’s about trust!

I was reading a blog by David Cohen (author, “Bust Out – Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur”, host “Small Business Big Ideas” radio show) and he was right on the money when he said, “Trust is the foundation of powerful relationships and strong connections.”

Think about it. At the end of the day, trust

· trumps multiple bids

· is the intuitive force that aids in important choices

· is the sleep-at-night factor you need to confidently move forward.

‘Trust permeates all aspects of your business” says David. I agree.

Today’s buzz word is “transparent” and I love that word – that philosophy – because putting your cards on the table means you’re willing to trust, and be trusted.

Trust is the cornerstone of relationships.

What are you building today?

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