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Aha Moment Monday

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Use your shaker when it comes to surveys.

(Lucy, you have some esplanen to do!)

I’m pouring over data – survey after survey – compiled by a variety of sources with regards to media buying and consumption.

For starters, the data identifies male/female preferences, pegs twitter against pinterest and outlines who watches national vs. local television programming.

In one survey is says that Canadians spend 45.3 hours per month online, vs. Americans who spend 38.6.

The next survey says that, “…Canada recently fell to second place behind the U.S. in time spent online….”

Just a few pages apart, the surveys conflicted.

My point?

We need to take surveys with a grain of salt.

Depending on the audience, the timing, the phraseology of the questions, and so many other factors, you can just about spin a survey any way you want to.

The Aha? If you really want to know what your customers are doing/thinking/wanting, ask them.

That advice is golden and will spice up any marketing program.

‘tis the “season” (ha ha, get it?)

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