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Aha Moment Monday

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When you open a can of pop or uncork a bottle of champagne, you create a distinctive popping sound.

That’s because the gas in the can or bottle is pressurized.

When you create an outlet for the gas to escape, it does so energetically.

Do YOU ever feel like you’re going to explode?

The pressure builds up like crazy and, OMG, you can’t find an outlet fast enough!

Now, when I described that scenario, did you think of a time when the pressure was negative?

Hmmmmmmm, well, I’m a believer that there is bad pressure and good pressure, just like there’s bad stress and good stress.

The bad pressure builds up when we’re over-tasked with things that don’t feed us.

(Especially when we keep things “bottled up”)

The good pressure arises when we have that overwhelming urge to give and build on purpose.

It’s inherent in all of us.

“How’s that possible?” you ask?

Aha, because we’re spiritual beings and spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression!

Bad pressure is draining.

Interesting that the same amount of good pressure is exhilarating.

And it’s amazing how much energy we have when we’re doing something we love!!

Celebrate yourself as the finest champagne with only the best ready to flow

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