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Aha Moment Monday

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Let’s invent something old. A re-invention of sorts.

Let me explain

I recently went back to running. Took years to do so. I was concerned the toll it would take on my body but remembered the high – and results – I achieved from the exercise.

In building our business – and building our lives – we often go looking for something “new” as the ticket to having more.

If we digressed for a minute and went back into our memory banks of what worked before, we’d revisit existing emotion around it.

Why is that important?

Aha – it’s EASIER to return to doing something when we know how great it felt the first time. It falls under the Law of least effort.

Think about it. Water finds the straightest path through a stream as does light through matter.

There is a comfort around recreating an experience vs. fear associated with creating a new one. Therefore creating something new out of something old is the best of both worlds! Let’s call it “comfortably exciting”

As for my running, I had to include some supportive nutrients and enhance my stretches (neither of which mattered as much in earlier years) but the old routine is wonderfully new again!

What experience are you ready to make new again?

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