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Aha Moment Monday

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As I write this it’s a “new moon”. I understand that in astrology that marks a beginning.

How timely that the new moon is early in September when there are so many starts – perhaps a new fiscal, back to school, new season of t.v. programming…….

And I can’t help but notice that so many companies have included the word “start” in their branding message or tagline.

‘Start something” “It all starts with…” “… starts here”


Aha – Synchrodestiny!

I learned that word from Deepak Chopra as he explains that we’re all connected by universal intelligence.

Being inseparable from all that exists means that when you initiate even a thought, you set the universal wheels in motion.

We’re all affected by what you do!

Go ahead – take a deep breath – then start something!

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