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Aha Moment Monday

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We’re born curious. As a toddler there was nothing that tired us out like a full day of exploration. Quite likely, at times, our parents stifled our curiosity because curious kids can be a pain in the … well, you know….energy level.

Fact is, being curious is a natural state but how curious are we now?

The other day a young friend of mine, new to her team, passed by the management group having a brainstorming session. When she enthusiastically asked to be part of it, the response was a group-chuckling “no”.

Hmmmmm….Isn’t brainstorm somewhat of a synonym for curiosity? The word, “curiosity” comes from the Latin word “Quaerere – query – which means to “seek”. And when we seek it’s because we have an eagerness to explore and learn.

Aha – what if we exercised some curiosity about how we exercise our curiosity?

Sounds like a mind puzzle but the solution is simple.

Become aware of the parameters that we may be imposing on how we allow ourselves to explore.

There’s a time when child-like inclusivity is oh so welcome.

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