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Aha Moment Monday

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What does the chain of short-term thinking look like?

If you’re crossing a street and there’s a car coming, short term thinking of how quickly to dash is essential. The faster you assess the situation and make a decision the better!

Short-term thinking in the work place might get you the commission, the prize or a customer. Picture that you’re linking lots of isolated incidences together. How strong is that chain? What is linking it together?

Many motivation programs are based on short-term thinking. Do this and get that. Meet the production deadline. Sell “X” amount of stuff.

“So an even better motivation program must be based on long-term thinking”, you’re thinking?

You’re good.

Aha – long-term thinking includes “mastery”.

A sustainable business requires individuals motivated towards getting better at what they do every day.

Picture a program that rewards “behaviour” towards mastery as opposed to a sequence of quick-fix results. Yes, of course you ultimately want to make your numbers but by inspiring mastery, you’re getting the “law of compensation” working for you.

Chain, chain, chaaaainnn……..

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