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Aha Moment Monday

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Why is your favourite T-shirt your favourite T-shirt? Is it because it’s comfortable or it fits well?

Or is it because someone special gave it to you?

Or perhaps because of the label or more importantly, what’s imprinted on the front?

Could your favourite T indicate that you’re part of a cult? Or “culture”?

I was at an event last weekend where 500 people came to learn more about a nutrition business.

The swag shop at the back of the room was busy the entire time.



We have an inherent desire to belong. Subsequently, when we find a hoodie, bag or a pair of sunglasses that carry our favourite brand or slogan, we’ll pay money to endorse that brand or slogan. We wear it proudly and it sends a message as to our positioning. (My dad always says, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” I think that bodes well in the branding department, too.)

Aha, culture also means “growing”.

This is a major AHA.

Because you might think you’re in the hotel business, or insurance industry or manufacturing of tools. True.

You’re also in the business of culture. In fact, your growth depends on you creating a culture that oozes all of who you are.

Your team, your strategic partners, your customers and their friends are all potential endorsers of your brand.

Don’t just show them who you are, make them part of it.

In fact, build it and they will come (and ask for the T-shirt!)

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