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Aha Moment Monday

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Ever wonder why oftentimes people perform exactly as you expect them to?

Is it them or is it us?

Sounds like a strange question but maybe not!

I was reading about Robert Rosenthal and his research on the Pygmalion effect (also known as the self-fulfilling prophecy).

(page 672 in the “Owner’s Manual for the Brain”.)

The self-fulfilling prophecy suggests that what we expect tends to come true.

If that’s the case then AHA!

That means we can not only influence our performance but that of others as well!


Through communication of expectation.

Check this out.

According to Rosenthal, there are six methods of communication; and then a positive version and a negative version of each.

The first one is “expressing confidence in my ability to help you.”

– The positive communication version might be something like, “I know I can train you”

– The negative might be, “I’m not very good at training”

As I read both versions I’m thinking that each could be coming from the same person but expressed differently.

I think I’d be more inclined to move forward with the positive version….you?

Bottom line: negative expectations are likely to produce negative results.

Positive expectations can increase the chances of success.

Let’s test our positive influence meter today by spreading a little “You can do this!”, shall we?

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