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Aha Moment Monday

Reading time 72 seconds of “curiosity”.

In a lecture yesterday, Alan Ward of IF Enterprises, shared that whilst (I love that word) performing daily clock-in, clock-out work tasks, we typically only use 30% of our capacity.

And when he asked the audience if they knew the answer to that question, I had a pretty good guess, but my vocal answer was, “I’m not 100% sure but I know our brain shrinks the more we do it”.

Alan agreed.

We’re all aware that we creatures of ______, right?

(See, I didn’t even have to complete the sentence)

That’s the subconscious mind on auto-pilot.

We learn something then tuck it away. When we recall, it comes up the same way each and every time.

The lesson goes deeper: even our habitual ways of looking at our habits is a habit!

Hang in there with me for a second.

We know we take the same route to work and perform similar functions in a similar way and use clichés like “we’re creatures of ______”….. we’re aware of it and yet we do it anyway!

(‘cause it’s easy?)

Aha – is that us being efficient or are we robbing ourselves of opportunity?

The conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject anything.

It performs with reason so doesn’t it stand to reason that if we choose, that we can do something differently?

What would happen if we questioned our habits relative to getting even an extra 10% of WOW out of ourselves every day?

I’m not talking about being more productive (you’re probably already buzzing).

I’m really talking about investing in newness to get, say, 10% more interest out of our days!


· engage a different person or company to help with a task or project,

· write a thank-you card with your other hand,

· go to work a half hour earlier and walk around the neighbourhood.

· share a business problem with your kid (this one is really good because kids break things down to the simplest form),

· throw a themed, neighbourhood party

· investigate real estate in your favourite place in the world,

· share an idea you have with the newest person you’ve met

· enjoy lunch in the park (and bring some to share),

· indulge in an on-line magazine that’s totally unrelated to your field of interest……….

Yes, I know, new feels weird but we’re all about expansion and fuller expression.

We can’t expand if we keep doing the same things, right???

How about we start today with, “We’re creatures of curiosity” and see where that takes us!

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