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Aha Moment Monday

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In an article entitled “The End of Marketing As We Know It”, PPB magazine, the author, Bill Lee, talks about the earlier “Hype. Spin. Pushy salespeople” approach.

I call it “tell” style marketing in that companies positioned their brands and we bought what they told us to.

Things have changed and here’s why.

It’s about our intellectual factors – will, reason, perception, reason, memory, intuition; what sets us apart from the other creatures on the planet.

In other words, a dog will know it’s in the room with you, but it doesn’t know that it knows…..get it?

And all of the intellectual factors are like mental muscles.

We can exercise them.

The more energy we give them the stronger they get.

Aha – the intellectual factor we’re collectively exercising more than ever is “intuition”.

We’re flexing our intuitive muscle, big-time!

Think about it.

In comes our heightened, natural state and we crave transparency!

It’s such a natural way to buy.

Bill Lee suggests, in our new community-style marketing, we ask, “What does our product or service mean to our customers?”

Doesn’t that question just give you the warm’n’fuzzies?

I think I’ll frame it “care” marketing and say it’s about time!

(Hard to believe we chose to buy any other way)

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