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Aha Moment Monday

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The Diabetes Association called last week saying they’d have a truck in the neighbourhood to pick up used clothes and household items.

I always agree to them stopping at my home because I know I’ll find something in my closest or cupboard they can have.

The way I look at it is that it’s keeping things in circulation.

Something I’m not using could be a god-send to someone else.

When Stephen Poloz, the new Governor of the Bank of Canada, was asked what we can do to stimulate our economy, he said, “Eat out more”.

When we give, it comes back, right?

Aha, the same goes for ideas!

In Bishop Bernard Jordan’s book, “The Laws of Prosperity”, he states, “Ideas and knowledge not shared will rot”.

The “Law of Mental Capital” says that those with ideas stimulate the “manifestation engine” to create new prosperity and pass on what they have learned.

What’s one idea you can share today to create some new positive energy?

Don’t be shy. You have so much to offer!!

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