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Aha Moment Monday

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When was the last time you stood at the edge of the water and skipped stones?

Bronte Harbour here is one of the best places to do that. We always look for the flattest s

tones with rounded corners. Then we get into just the right stance and shape our throws to get the most numbers of bounces.

Fascinating that each time the stone lands in the water, it creates a rippling effect. And the effect occurs in all directions at one time. And with each throw, the configuration of the lake is changed just a little.

Aha, the same goes for sending messages into the Universe!

Think about it.

Each time you cast a word – or even an intention – there is a rippling effect. It’s because the Universe is made up of energy and information. Everything begins with thought and with your unique expression you alter the Universe just a little every single time you cast something out!

Whoa! What power!!

Seriously – you already knew you were that significant, right??

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