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Aha Moment Monday

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While it was the Grecian scholar, Cadmus, who invented the written letter, it was Chinese philosopher, Tien-Lcheu (2697 B.C.) who invented and perfected “Indian ink”. Originally designed for blacking the surfaces of raised stone-carved hieroglyphics, a “quill” writing instrument was eventually paired with modified inks and dominated for the next one-thousand years!!!

(Nowadays a pen design is outdated in fewer than one-thousand hours!)

Today the pen has become a sophisticated communication tool. There are pens that twist, click and bend. Pens in unique shapes and motifs. Pens that contain water, seeds, scrolled up banners, USB chips, stylus tips, multi-colour inks, pencil leads, and highlighters. Pens today do everything but make coffee. (I’ll likely stand corrected in a few hours)

Aha, what hasn’t changed is the reason for the development of the pen in the first place; to communicate our words.

(hum some uplifting music……..)

Words can inspire

Words can offend

Words can share love

Or a situation mend

You can’t hide behind words

They’re your words to send

Choose carefully yours words

They’ll remain yours to the end.

TGIMonday! There are so many words to write

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