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Aha Moment Monday

Reading time 39 seconds. Extra if you Google it.

Japan’s Masaru Emoto, in his book, “The messages of water” shares photos and research on water’s response to thought, music and dialogue.

It’s amazing.

Listen to this.

Emoto discovered that the molecular structure of water actually changed depending on its environment.

And not just the physical environment.

Water that was polluted OR had negative thoughts impressed upon it had a molecular structure that was chaotic, random or had plain ugly blogs.

Water that had positive influence – thoughts of gratitude or love, classical music, or even exposed to floral essence – actually formed beautiful patterns like snowflakes


Now what does this have to do with you?

Aha – our bodies are 70% water!!!

The planet is 70% water!

Just think of the difference in your body if you applied loving, supportive thoughts towards yourself?

Imagine the impact you’d have by impressing this positivity on others?

Communication at a molecular level.

Now that’s deep

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