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Aha Moment Monday

Reading time 29 seconds…thoughtful pause, several more)

Media is typically evaluated by CPI or Cost Per Impression. Magazines identify circulation numbers and calculate readership, billboards are all about traffic patterns and social media looks at open rates. The most cost effective – or lowest CPI – media might not be anything traditional.

In a recent survey, promotional pens were said to generate 363 impressions i.e. the message on the pen was seen 363 times. The same survey cites mugs boasting 251 impressions and that grocery tote you port? A whopping 1038 impressions!

And you might say, “But wait, Jae. I can touch thousands of people with one email”.

Yes you can!

But aha, do the math! One email = one impression. One pen = 363 impressions.

So the question is, what are you saying on that little gem of a give-a-way??

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