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Aha Moment Monday

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Would you agree that sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes a difference?

I don’t mean tonality – though that can make or break a delivery.
I’m referring to our choice of words.

Take doing dishes.
Do you “have” to do dishes? Or do you “get” to do dishes?
“Have” to sounds like such a chore.
“Get” to is a position of gratitude after a delightful, nutritious meal.
Feel the difference?

Do you “have” to exercise? Or do you “get” to exercise?
Do you “have” to go to work? Or do you “get” to go to work?
Do you “have” to pick up the kids? Or do you “get” to pick up the kids?

Not only does the context change but so does the emotion!

I remember when I worked for Revlon and they chose to change our team members’ titles from Sales Rep. to Account Development Manager.

The work was essentially the same but by changing the title, a greater sense of responsibility and pride emerged!

We have choices in the words we use, the labels we give and the framework with which we construct our communication.

What emotion is driving your words?

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