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Aha Moment Monday

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What’s in an address?

If your address is Madisson Avenue, Yonge Street or Front Street, there may be a preconceived impression of the company. Addresses can build you up or bring you down.

But how real is that impression and more importantly, does it serve you?

Stay with me for a minute.

Technology has allowed us to create big presence from small spaces.
It’s also allowed us the luxury of connecting world-wide with multiple sources in order to effectively and efficiently serve a variety of markets.

Take us for example.

Our consulting office is located in Oakville, Canada.
But we don’t manufacture, distribute, decorate or fulfill from this office! Instead, we choose the most appropriate location – from St. Laurent, Quebec, to Long Beach, CA, to Taipei Taiwan – to meet budgets, timelines and results.

Here’s the aha.
It’s the ability to leverage technology, location, and people that’s the real deal here. In the end, isn’t it all about service?

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