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Aha Moment Monday

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Did you know that it only takes two seconds of distraction to double your risk of having a collision while driving?

And the studies say that if you’re texting, your eyes are off the road for an average of five seconds.
That increases your crash risk by 23 times!!

There are lots of other distractions – eating, kids, conversations, grooming – but texting remains the most common.

Why am I telling you this, you ask?
Because in reading these statistics, I couldn’t help but equate how distractions in the workplace can cause success crashes.

Like busyness, or social media, for instance.
Do you think they’re productivity distractions that can derail your focus?

One site I bounced on said that most companies are producing half of what they are capable of. Typically the reasons why have to do with lack of organization, inefficient procedures and lack of employee motivation.
Those are things we can measure.
But what about the things we can’t measure?

One of my business friends was controlling her tears during our call this morning because her daughter was in a car accident.
Another’s brain was spinning over not being able to solve an issue with a service provider.
How productive are you when your head’s not in the game?

Aha – emotional distractions deserve attention

Have you ever driven 10 miles down the highway then realized you don’t remember anything about those last 10 miles?
Your thoughts preoccupied you and you drove unconsciously.

While organization, procedures, team initiatives, motivation, physical structure and a host of other measurable factors can contribute to productivity, or a lack thereof, be aware that your emotions are your driver.
Excellence in productivity is accomplished with superb health of your human spirit.

To be productive we’re taught to do the big work first – the thinking work – however experts say that “busywork” is secretly enjoyable because we get a feeling of accomplishment doing it without the corresponding stress that accompanies challenging tasks.

And truth be told, little social media breaks can actually act as a mental palate cleanser. They can lift your mood so you can return to work refreshed.

When your spirit is free of distraction – you’re feeling plugged in and in control – you operate at your best.
This health of your spirit supersedes any other contributing factor on that road to success.

How possible is it to be free of distraction?
The answer is different for everyone.
What’s important is that you recognize your distractions – the ones that occupy w-a-y more mental space than is fair – and deal with them in a way that honors your spirit and helps you go forward.

Your road ahead is worthy of your attention.

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