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Aha Moment Monday

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Did you ever see the movie, “What Women Want”?
It’s a funny movie about a male advertising executive who gets electrocuted having tripped and fallen into the bathtub trying out a number of women’s products.
Ooops, sorry – that’s not the funny part!
When he wakes up – wearing pantyhose, nail enamel, eye makeup, and having waxed his legs – he realizes he can actually hear what women are thinking.

At first it’s his housekeeper he hears (she found him in grand style in the morning).
What she says to him and what she says to herself are surely different! But he hears them both.

On his way to work that day he continues to pick up thoughts from the concierge at his condo, women on the running trail and from each and every female colleague in the office.
He even forges a great relationship with his teenage daughter with his new-found ability to tap into her mind as well.

Initially it drives him crazy, constantly hearing women’s inner dialogue and not being able to escape it.

Eventually he uses what he hears to successfully collaborate with the female Creative Director in the firm.
They won their biggest account – Nike – with a brilliant campaign for women’s sports apparel.

Most of us don’t have the ability to know what others are thinking.
But when it’s important to serve a market, gain a buyer, build a team, support your mate or motivate your kid, asking questions is your magic key.

Aha – when we speak, we already know what we’re going to say. When we listen, we learn.

Assuming everyone thinks the way we do is doomsday in the making.
As enthusiastic as we may be about a product, a methodology, a tool, a destination, a tech device, a sport, a wine, a book or any number of things, that doesn’t mean it suits the person you wish to engage.

By asking specific questions, then listening openly and without judgment, you have the info to design your offer in a way to meet your target bang-on.

Sounds easy but, I promise, it’s not.
What’s easy is to impose your conditioning and preferences. THAT feels natural.
After all, if we like it, they’ll like it … right?

When you want to succeed in gaining another’s attention, the focus needs to be on them.
Ask a question, “be vewy, vewy quiet” and witness the kingdom doors opening up.

Would you like a personalized key chain to go with that magic key?

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