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Aha Moment Monday

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In high school, you’re recognized as an “Honor Student” if your GPA is 3.5 or higher.
That means you need to find a way to be pretty darn good at everything to be on the “Honor Roll”.

Let’s take a trip back to high school.
What an interesting time that was….the fashion, the dates, the sports, and all those subjects.
Remembers all those subjects??
How easy was it to get top marks across the board?

The subjects in which your interest level was high, probably required little effort to achieve a good mark … and the work was fun!
The subjects that didn’t fit your personality probably required significantly more effort … and were a real drag.

The pressure of trying to be good at everything was considerable but is achieving high marks across the board a realistic expectation?
Does that concept prepare you for the real world?

What if you had been allowed to invest twice as much time in the subjects you love and half as much time in the ones you didn’t.
Wouldn’t high school have been way more fun?

I spoke with a university student a couple of years ago who wanted to get his business degree (finance major) in honors.
He was slipping with his achievements in marketing jeopardizing his possibility of an honors graduate degree.
At the time I said to him, “…but when you have your own accounting practice, you can hire a marketing professional to do that work”.
(I think a light bulb went off for him)

Aha – Focus on what you love.

In the book, “Darn Easy” by Peggy McColl and Brian Proctor, they suggest many tactical things you can do to live your dreams working half as hard, earning twice as much.
“Doing what you love” is mentioned over and over and over again in the book.
Well, my two words about anything is that it should be “fun” and “easy”.
If you’re doing what you love you’ll likely become exceptionally good at it.
And if you’re exceptionally good at what you do, doesn’t that bring more of the good life?

No one is good at everything.
And not every part of any job is going to be “fun” and “easy” all the time, but wouldn’t you rather invest your time doing what you love?

Just imagine what could happen if we implemented that concept in grade school!

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