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Aha Moment Monday

Reading time: 75 seconds (not really – but this one is worth reading more slowly).

I was on the show floor at a recent conference and someone asked me how I was doing.
I thought we were exchanging usual pleasantries so I said, “Awesome” (my usual word).
She surprised me by responding, “You always say that. Are you really awesome? Or are you just saying that?”

(Most people ask the question, “How are you?” but aren’t really listening for the answer but we’ll save that topic for another Aha!)

We began to talk about what “awesome” means and I shared with her than I am indeed “awesome” even when it doesn’t feel like it.

That sounds like a brain-teaser so thanks for letting me explain.

You see people use words so casually that they lose their meaning.
For instance I see “#blessed” everywhere on social media. Through the same networks I also see the words, “love” and “gratitude”.
Here’s the translation of how I see these words being used:
“I love you” translation: you make me feel good about myself
“I’m grateful” translation: you did something that served me
“#blessed” translation: I feel supported.
See the common thread?
It’s viewing how we’re impacted by the external.
Those words are commonly used to describe how the ego is responding.

Real love, gratitude and a feeling of blessedness fills our being with such magnitude that we continually burst with an enormous desire to give it away.
Love, gratitude and blessed are not feelings we keep to ourselves.
Those feelings – or realizations – are so profound that they render us speechless and push us into action

Aha! “Actions speak louder than words”.

…and now you know why.

When you feel love, gratitude and the unstoppable, super-power associated with the awareness of how blessed you really are, you won’t hash tag it or wear it like a badge, you’ll give it away.

It’s that lump-in-your-throat, tear-in-your-eye, and awe-inspiring heaviness-in-your-heart that disables word exchange and enables energy exchange.

I am fully aware that I AM awesome. So are you.
And I save that word to describe us because we are fascinating creatures with the power to heal ourselves and infinite potential to be whatever we want to be.
Now if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

Show gratitude. Demonstrate Love. Live blessed.

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