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Aha Moment Monday

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Pizza or wings.
Pizza or wings.
Pizza or wings.
Decisions, decisions!

Stop for a second and think of how many decisions you make in a day.
So many things we do are automatic – our subconscious directing attention – that it might not seem like you’re making decisions at all.
Like the shower you took or coffee you brewed first thing this morning. Probably not much of a conscious decision, but nonetheless a decision….to let habit guide.

Next was the decision to take the car, as opposed to the train, to work. Which route? Which parking lot?
Then which project do you start on or are you going to clear your “inbox” first?

The decisions likely get deeper and more challenging as you get into your work … until lunch time.
“Pizza or wings” is the question from one of your colleagues ordering take out for the office.

Do you choose one or the other quickly? Do you first ask everyone else what they’re doing? Is your decision motivated by time? Hunger? Affordability? Nutrition?

Napoleon Hill, in his research of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs discovered that those leaders made decisions quickly and changed them slowly if at all.
Because their decisions are based on purpose or desire.

Aha! When the purpose is clear, the decision comes quickly

Napoleon Hill suggests, “If you’re easily influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own.”

Now Hill admits that gathering facts from other sources to make an informed decision is absolutely required.
But with purpose comes awareness of what feeds that purpose.
Then, when that which works presents itself, the decision to grab hold is a piece of cake.

Pizza or wings.
Pizza or wings.
Pizza or wings.
“I’ll have salad, please.”

(Where’s my “easy” button?)

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