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Aha Moment Monday

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Art is a very personal thing.
Everyone responds differently to different types of art.
What is inspiring to one can be antagonistic to another.

Art – whether it’s a painting on the wall, a song coming through the airways or a poem in a book – can move you.

Art and moods are interchangeable.
What I mean is that art forms of all kinds can generate emotion and emotion can make you want to enjoy art.
You can be feeling good then read a sad poem and feel blue.
Conversely when you’re feeling blue, putting on a happy song can really lift your spirits.

Now, artists will always include their name with their presentation.
Each art form is an expression of the artist and with pride, the artist signs his or her work.

If you examine your work – your “craft” – you can’t help but recognize that what you present is the work that only you can do.
Whether your craft includes a contract, report, table setting, hair cut, power point, retail transaction, transportation or consultation, it’s personalized by you.
You have an opportunity to express yourself in every single presentation and every single presentation is somehow signed by you (yes, swiping your corporate ID counts).

Aha – everything we do generates an emotion

So the big question is, are you presenting art?
How do you make people feel when you deliver your craft?

Understand that each aspect of your performance – even routine tasks – are an expression of you.
And everything you do has an effect on someone else.
Just like a happy song can lift your mood, a passionate sales person can make your day.

Think about this: you’ll never be paid more for what you do until you do more than what you’re paid for.

If, or should I say, “when”, you treat every task, every transaction and every exchange like you’re autographing it, you’ll naturally want it to be your best work.
You may be using a phone or computer as opposed to paint or a guitar but it doesn’t matter.
It’s all an expression of you! It’s your craft, your art.

Be the one to treat every interaction you’re a part of as an opportunity to lift, to inspire and to advance … like only you can.
Make every day “red carpet day”.

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