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Aha Moment Monday

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What would you do if you won the lottery?
Let’s dream for a bit here.
I suppose it would depend on how much you won so for argument sake, let’s say this: after you’ve shared some of your winnings with your family, paid off any debt and made the donations you wanted to you are left with a sum equal to 10X your current annual income.

What would you do immediately?
Would you buy something? Take time off? Start a new business? Book a trip? Plan to go back to school? Carve out some extended time with your family?
You certainly have enough money to make some new choices, right?
This is great fun, isn’t it? Are you smiling?

Now, can you see any reason why you wouldn’t be worthy of that gift?
Me, neither.
So why wait for the lottery?

Here’s the thing.
Remember how you were feeling a minute ago when you were thinking about what you would do with that extra money? I’m guessing you were in a pretty powerful state of vibration. I’ll bet you actually saw yourself happy and thriving and totally engaged with your vision. That’s because that’s where you belong! And I’m going to go one step further in suggesting that if you have the vision then you also own the capability to achieve it. (I’ll give you a second to re-read that statement.) Your vision is as unique to you as are your capabilities and they are directly correlated.

Aha – Define success, then become it.

You know that you are anything but ordinary, anything but mediocre. Epictetus said, “Unless we give ourselves over to our endeavours, we are hollow, superficial people and we never develop our natural gifts.”
Wow – talk about telling it like it is!
(Then again, sometimes we need that 2-by-4 across the side of the head to remind us of our infinite potential in our very own unique way.)

Epictetus’ advice? “…consider first the real nature of your aspirations and measure that against your capabilities. Be honest with yourself. Once you have given due consideration to all of the constituent details that compose the effort to live the higher life, venture forth with your utmost effort. You can either put your skills toward internal work or lose yourself to externals. The choice is yours. ”

Whatever your work, do more than you’re paid to do. Be exceptional. Immerse yourself in the concept of “increase” wherever you are. Do everything you do just a little better than you did before. Ask more questions. Study your craft. Then witness yourself begin to grow into your new reality.

“A half-hearted spirit has no power” Epictetus.

Want more?
Be more.

Gosh. Could the good life be more simple?

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