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Aha Moment Monday

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What’s the image that comes to mind when I mention the word, “clutter”?

Is it stacks of disorderly papers on your desk?
That closet or junk drawer that is full of who knows what?
The mass of advertising messages along the highway?

Oftentimes we associate clutter in the physical world: papers, collectibles, knick knacks….emails.
But what about clutter in the mental world? “Thought clutter.” Is there an image for that?

Suze Orman said, “If you have debt then I’m willing to bet that general clutter is a problem for you, too”.
Hmmmmmmmm …. clutter associated with debt. Interesting!
I do believe there is a connection between physical clutter and mental clutter.
Remember the last time you cleaned out that linen closet, or the furnace room, or (in my case) the sample cupboard?
It feels so incredibly awesome to be organized, see some space and actually know where things are!
The rewards of eliminating physical clutter are so obvious.

But what about the mental side?
Because we can’t see it, do we reduce the importance of keeping it clean?

Aha – releasing mental clutter IS visible … in our results.

Frustration, resentment, reliving a bad decision, worry, replaying a difficult conversation, a nasty habit, unfinished projects and delayed decisions are weights. Releasing them, accepting them or taking action on them are not only liberating, they open up a pathway for creative forces to manifest.
Just like putting your closet in order, putting your mind in order puts you back in mental alignment.
When you’re in alignment with less clutter you actually open pathways to new, oh let’s be honest – ENDLESS – possibilities.

Here’s an idea.
Get a running start on January goals and decide to lose weight – that mental weight – by releasing the toxic thoughts, filling up on the good ones, exercising your mind and being happy.
Doesn’t just making that decision feel extraordinary??

P.S. – speaking of clutter, don’t let Outlook send your Aha’s to “Clutter”!! You deserve to start your Mondays off with a good dose of positivity.

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