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Aha Moment Monday

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I’ve come to think that one of the most peaceful words is, “acceptance”.

It’s a Universal Law that “force negates”. When you struggle against something, the push-back is equal.
Forcing a decision, a timeline, a methodology or an opinion usually meets with resistance which, in the end, is counter-productive.

But acceptance doesn’t mean that you lower your standard, forgive at all costs, compromise your morals or stop reaching for the stars.
No way, Jose!!
Acceptance means that you see a situation for what it is then build on that reality.

Aha – Acceptance isn’t the end, it’s the beginning

A situation is neither good nor bad unless you impose an opinion or expectation.
And given that there are always countless moving parts to any situation, trying to control an outcome means taking liberties and responsibility for all aspects of that process.
That’s exhausting and, quite frankly, not your place.

Let’s say your plane is late and there is a chance you’ll miss your connecting flight and the start of your conference.
Beyond frustrating, right? Not to mention ridiculously inconvenient.
The sooner you lose the “I’m doomed” feeling and be creatively open to possibilities, the more likely you are to see that there are opportunities in the new situation.
If you look at the late flight as the beginning to a new situation, as opposed to the end of an existing one, you’ll likely assume responsibility to move the changed situation in a more positive direction.

Acceptance doesn’t only apply to the negative but to the positive as well.
When the stars align to deliver gifts of luck, kind people and support, enthusiastically accept that as well. It was all part of the process.

When I launched my book in May, many special people were missing the day we celebrated at Glen Abbey. For whatever reason they could not attend and an hour before the event, I surrendered, no longer trying to control anyone’s attendance or any other piece of what was about to happen. I had done my best. I instead invested in some gratitude time – sat in the sunshine to close my eyes, breathe and be thankful for the thousands of people who helped me get to where I am, and to those who were coming. I knew that whoever was there, it would be a magical experience. And it was – from start to finish. So glad we taped it. (Thanks, Warren). Did I miss the others? Of course! This was huge! But by ‘accepting’, I was clearly present and open to receive the abundance of love and support in the room. Since then, many opportunities have opened up to continue to build on what we started that day.

If you want to enjoy success you need to own responsibility for your actions and only your actions.
Acceptance is to peacefulness what bacon is to eggs.
Be the sizzle.

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