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Aha Moment Monday

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We never accomplish anything on our own.

Set yourself a new goal and watch what happens.
Initially you take control of the vision and strategy and mentally own the outcome.
Once it’s set in motion, a series of thoughts, behaviours and incidents needs to happen to make it real.
The thoughts and behaviours are yours, the incidents are interdependent – the chain-link fence, so-to-speak – that enables you to realize your goal.

I love to listen to Jordan Spieth’s interview with the press after a tournament win.
(If you don’t know Jordan, he landed on the PGA pro tour last year at 21 and this year swept six PGA golf tournaments including two majors successfully challenging some of Tiger’s records)

Jordan is the only golfer on tour who, when discussing his game, uses the term, “we”.
It’s not uncommon to hear Jordan to say, “We had a good game out there today.” or “We’re going to stick to our game-plan tomorrow.”

Jordan knows that before he even picks up a club, he owes his game to his caddy: who, on game day, has already put in a full day of scoping and accessing the course, the greens keepers, officials, staff and volunteers who have spent months preparing the stage, and his parents who invested countless hours enabling Jordan to explore his talent and build his character.

Jordan has certainly invested his effort in study and practice – he’s dedicated and he’s good – but it’s the support of his entourage of trainers, coaches, technicians, sponsors, parents and millions of fans that make his game.
Aha – success is a team sport

There is always someone who goes before you to prepare the grounds, someone who provides the tools, the education and the support, and ultimately someone – or many – who buy into you.
While you are in a position to choose your goal and your surroundings, when you win, remember those who went before you to create the haven that allowed you to shine.

November 11th – we remember.

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