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Aha Moment Monday

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Maybe advertising is just in my blood but sometimes I’m more fascinated with the commercials than the T.V. shows.
I like to watch for patterns and pay special attention to terms advertisers assign in an effort to make buying more desirable.

The latest term in advertising is “technology”. Everyone cites a “technology” in their offer.
(Now that I’ve mentioned it you’ll hear it over and over again.)

There is technology in anti-wrinkle cream, technology in car braking systems, technology in whitening tooth paste, technology in tools and one promoter boasts “dual-bucket technology” for their two-bucket mopping system.
I admit there is some level of technology behind all the products but don’t you find that when a word becomes so over-used, it loses its impact?

It’s like saying someone is “amazing” or “awesome” or “cool”.
What does that mean?
If it’s said as a compliment it loses its impact if it’s simply a go-to word

Aha – dig deeper when it counts

No doubt people love to hear that they’re amazing – and they are – but giving them a “why” word, too, will anchor the compliment by making it personal.
Choosing to complement your compliment with “inspiring”, “organized”, energetic”, “passionate”, “thoughtful”, “insightful”, or another appropriate, descriptive word emphasises your appreciation for their uniqueness.
“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves.” ~ Lydia M. Child

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