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Aha Moment Monday

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I got to thinking about the term “social media”.
(that’s what I do…..”think”)
So, I looked up “social” in my dictionary. The definition included, “inclined to seek out or enjoy the company of others.”

I had to smile about that because most people I see immersed in “social” media have their heads down staring at their phones.

I suppose they’re seeking the company of others online, hence the term social “media”, but what about the ones sitting next to them?
Inadvertent as is might be, isn’t that being somewhat anti-social?

Then I realized this.
Most of us are shy! It’s tough to put ourselves out there and talk to someone new.
Being social – or sociable – on-line is easier because we can choose what part(s) of ourselves we want people to see.
Being sociable online means we can also choose who we want to socialize with, how we want to socialize and when. Ahhhh….the perfect world.

Aha – being physically social is risky business

It’s not unlike us to take the path of least resistance when it comes to meeting someone new.
It’s a lot easier to send an email than pick up the phone or scroll through the twitter feed and avoid the people around us in line at the coffee shop or the store.

Putting your entire self out can make you feel a little more vulnerable but it’s okay to be uncomfortable.
In fact if you dare to stretch and, say, strike up a conversation with someone in a line-up, you’ll not only jump your shyness barrier, you’ll help bring theirs down, too.
And let’s face it. You’re pretty lovable!
Why not share a bit of all of you by being 100% present where you are?
Guaranteed you’ll bring some unexpected sunshine.

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