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Aha Moment Monday

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When I’m driving I see so many custom car license plates.
People are so creative in using letters and numbers to give a glimpse of who they are by what’s written on their license plate.

Mine is a government issued one – nothing custom – that I’ve had for about five cars now.
The letters are AKSF. I decided when I drove my first car home that the letters would stand for “All Knowing Superior Force”
Not sure where the inspiration for that came from but I like it. Given that those letters are on my vehicle plate, “All Knowing Superior Force” makes me feel protected.

Acronyms are often used in organization titles, like: “M.A.D.D.” (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).
A couple of weeks ago I attended W.E.E (Women’s Empowerment Event).
At one point I came up with a rewards program and called it S.T.A.R.S., (Say Thanks and Reward Service).
If someone twists their ankle or bangs their elbow you can apply R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation).
Acronyms are a great way to remember something.

Sometimes we take common words and make them into acronyms, like the word, “FEAR” for example. Many say it stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.
What a great way to reinforce that what you’re fearing is only what you’ve created in your mind.

Even more than the power of remembering, once an acronym is established, the word takes on a deeper meaning.
In fact, if you allow your words to only have Oxford dictionary meaning, you’re robbing yourself of an opportunity to personalize them to empower your actions.

Aha – own your own words

I’ve decided that my name – JAE – is for Joyful and Enthusiastic. That puts a smile on my face (even on tough days) and injects great energy.

When you own your own words you tend to take your fun seriously.
What I mean is this.
It’s playful to make a word or name into an acronym but know that the deeper meaning you give that word will generate some serious emotion! And e-motion drives action.
So what does your name REALLY stand for?
When you’re ready, post your acronymic name by commenting on our Facebook link.
We’re going to learn so much about one another!! This is awesome.

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