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Aha Moment Monday

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Take a minute and think about your teddy bear. (It’s okay, we’re the only ones who will know.)
I’ll bet you’re smiling.
Do you remember what occasion you received it or who gave it to you?
Doesn’t thinking about your teddy conjure up some of the greatest memories?

When you were a kid, hugging your teddy was expected – encouraged, in fact – and, no doubt, gave you great comfort.
So where is it now?
Do you still take “teddy breaks”?
Likely not because it’s not something big kids do, right?

Think again.

In an article by Priscilla V. Marotta she shares that teddy bears are symbolic of child-like innocence.
They bring us back to a time when we were cared for and didn’t carry the pressures of adulthood.
For that very reason they’re great stress-relievers!

Aha – taking a “teddy break” is healthy

According to Marotta, hugging your teddy can have a powerful psychological impact. It’s a simple pleasure that puts positive endorphins in your body and can provide a moment of peace.
As well, teddy bears are a universal symbol of caring so giving someone a teddy bear has warm implications over and above the gesture of a gift.

Teddy bears are powerfully grounding.

Imagine what would happen if we started a “Bring a teddy to work” day?

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