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Aha Moment Monday

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One quality I admire in people is passion.

I love seeing individuals dive into their purpose and defend their truth.
Whether I agree with them or not doesn’t matter. I admire that they believe in something strongly enough to pour their hearts into it.

People who are passionate usually have contagious enthusiasm that stems from a strong conviction for their belief.
And they’re often interesting people to be around (interesting both in a good way and sometimes in a not-so-palatable way!)
Passionate people enthusiastically celebrate when things are moving in the right direction and can sometimes be big pains when things are not.

Aha – passion displays itself in opposing direction

What I mean by that is this.
Passionate people are always enthusiastic which may mean they experience frustration and sadness to the same depth as exhilaration and joy.

When you’re passionate about something, you have an emotional attachment to your truth or your vision. You’re committed to the positivity of your vision.
The emotional pendulum can, then, swing equally in both directions.

The dictionary describes passion as: “strong and barely controllable emotion”
It’s impossible for someone who is passionate to display controlled emotion, say, when things are NOT falling into place, then open the flood gates when positive momentum kicks in.

Most importantly though, passion drives.
Passion makes you feel alive!
It’s a sign that you deeply care about where you’re investing your energies and with whom.
When you’re passionate about something or someone, you’re seizing your life’s moments and making them count.

I think it’s about living on purpose.

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