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Aha Moment Monday

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Do you have a preferred four-letter word?
One that really resonates at just the right moment?

Some people cringe at the sound of four-letter words and others integrate it into their everyday vocabulary.

I’m thinking there are some four-letter words that might need attention because of their impact.

Here’s an example: The first chapter in my third book – OOOP,S! – starts by dropping the “F” bomb.
Of course I’m talking about the word “fear”.
I think “fear” is far more negative than the “F” word most people use but yet we use it liberally without conscious awareness of it’s impact.

Then there’s the word “sick”. Do you know that if people begin to tell you that you don’t look well that you can actually become unwell? “Sick” is not a friendly word.

I hear people all the time saying that they don’t do what they want because they don’t have the money. Is telling yourself that you’re “poor” a good idea?

Then there’s “can’t”. I know it’s a contraction but nonetheless, imposes limitations.

Aha – “Change your words. Change your world”

That’s the name of a book by Janet Smith Warfield. And she’s right. By choosing the words you use to describe yourself or your environment you actually create that environment.
So why not choose the good ones? The ones that make you feel strong and alive?

A local real estate agent says her favourite four-letter word is “sold”. Good one!
I also like kind, glad, help, good, free, calm, rich, easy, face, trim, know, heal, pals, true, and gift . Way up on top are love, star and of course, golf.

Whatever words you use are your truth.
By replacing “fear” with “face”, “sick” with “heal”, “poor” with “rich” or “can’t” with “know”, you actually begin to feel more powerful, calm and in control.
And why not? After all, you’re the one steering your ship.

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