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Aha Moment Monday

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Of my favourite things to own, I love books. One day I will bring all of my books into my office and create a beautiful library.

True that the on-line versions are more portable and convenient, but there is a certain energy in the physical property of a book that, to me, makes it irreplaceable.

I especially love to own books that are signed by their author.
I enjoy listening to the author share their passion then when I read their thoughts on the pages, it’s like they’re reading to me.
And having the books signed adds to the connection I feel with the author.

I believe everyone has a book in them.
Each and every person’s life and experience is so unique and fascinating.

If you were to write a story, what would it be about?
Would it be a mystery? Or a children’s book? An insightful guide? Or a how-to?
Who might be inspired by your story?

I’ve met many an author and equally as many people who have given thought to capturing their gifts on paper – if only casually – but never do.
Sometimes the concept of the project is overwhelming but many times it’s because people don’t grasp the value of their voice

Aha – never underestimate the profound effect sharing your story might have

Good stories are like great songs. You can experience them many times over with an abundance of enjoyment.
And they tend to take a life of their own potentially affecting people w-a-y beyond your known circle.

While life can throw curve balls sometimes, know that it’s all part of your story; one that you’ll enjoy sharing one day … right?

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