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Aha Moment Monday

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When I was a kid the “Peanuts gang” was really popular.
And being a competitive skater at the time, I used to love how Charles Schultz drew his characters on ice.
He obviously had somewhat of a technical understanding of the sport because the illustrations depicted the moves very well.

I took to drawing the Snoopy character myself and he became our family mascot.
In the family we share Peanuts ornaments and stockings at Christmastime, Peanuts greetings cards, books, “Easter Beagle” treats, and I even have Peanuts tissues in my handbag (thanks, Gabriella).
Seeing anything Peanuts brings back warm memories.

Interesting that memories aren’t stored in just one part of our brains.
They are layers of sensory experiences, images and emotions that all come together to create both the picture and the feeling in one.
Incidents that have the greatest impact usually generate the most engrained memory.

So when you get to the top of the stairs and can’t remember why you’re there … is it because what you meant to remember wasn’t important?
I’ll bet the day your son was born is as fresh in your mind as the day it happened.

Aha – memories happen when your soul is present

So it’s not the end of the world if you have to go back downstairs and try and pick up that memory again – the reason you climbed the stairs in the first place.
But what about the important stuff that’s happening around you?
Are you present? Or are the days just a blur?

Here’s an even more thoughtful question: What memories are you creating for others?
You see we’re often so busy fleeting through our to-do list we’re not paying attention to the affect we have on others.
And be very clear, you have a profound effect on others. You’re part of their memories as well as your own.

I had the chance to meet Charles Shultz in San Francisco when I skated with the Ice Follies.
When I said it was a pleasure to see him, he had no idea to what extent… but I do.

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