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Aha Moment Monday

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Do you have house plants?
They’re beautiful to have but certainly need regular tending.

I was away last weekend, speaking at the Matrixx, and when I returned, the newest addition to my plant family looked really sad. It was badly in need of water.
Within about an hour of topping it up it returned to its glorious self, full bloom and brilliant colours.
Reality is without the essentials plants aren’t vibrant and growing.

Same goes for us.

At the Matrixx, the group of international entrepreneurs studied the Laws of the Universe and set some pretty lofty goals around their business and purpose.
Without the essentials, though – and a good dose of them – the individuals run the risk of not blooming to their full potential.

Aha – “Motivation is like taking a shower. You need to do it every day.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Nutrition for the mind is equally as important as nutrition for the body.
If we want to have more we need to be more. The way to achieve that is through focused study and effort.
And unlike vitamin C, there is a cumulative effect to learning. The more you do it the more you become.

It’s not enough to read a good book once.
You need to read it several times and each time you do you’ll get something new out of it.
It won’t be because you saw something new in the book but because there was something new in yourself.
You read each time with a heightened level of awareness.

Like water to your plants, invite inspiration to flow in.
Kind of gives you the tingles to think of what you can accomplish, eh?

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