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Aha Moment Monday

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“We buy emotionally then justify logically”.
You’ve heard that before, right?

It’s not about wanting to purchase something then clinically evaluating the purchase to ensure it fits into the spending plan.
That would be something a computer would do.

What it IS about is wanting to purchase something then building a case around why it makes sense….or not.
Given our creative thinking ability we can justify just about anything to ourselves AND can justify how we justified it in the first place.
We’re very convincing.

The travel industry sales soar in Canada in February.
By that time everyone is tired of winter and needs a break!
Can everyone who goes away afford it financially?
But they can justify the need to get out of town for purely spiritual reasons; the sun and change of scenery feeds the soul. For many it’s worth going into debt for.

Aha – it’s not about the money

It’s amazing how you can always find the money for the things you really want OR hold off on spending when you don’t want.

A friend buys a double latte half caf cap with hazelnut syrup (something like that) then says that free range eggs are too expensive.
Another friend walked away from a substantially rewarding and high-profile career because it didn’t align with who she was.
I’ll spend $700 on a charity golf tournament but leave a $250 dress on the rack in the store (many others would do the exact opposite).

Money is rarely the deciding factor. We say it is, but it’s not.
Releasing our hard-earned money is always an emotional decision.
Even when we cast money as the deciding factor it’s because it feeds something emotionally in us to justify it that way (Security or control maybe?)
It’s not wrong – or right – it just is.

As long as you know that you’re not a slave to money (though some days it feels like that).
Money is your servant and meant to make you comfortable.
Earn it in a way that feeds your purpose then invest it in a life worth lived.

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