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Aha Moment Monday

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I was in the pro shop of Turtle Bay golf club in Bermuda last fall.

There you could purchase “new” golf balls or “experienced” golf balls.

Now, had they labelled the golf balls as “used” or “second hand”, they may not have been as attractive.

But since they were “experienced” I had more of an inclination to try them.

After all, the term “experienced” has a positive connotation. I was wondering if the balls might even give me an edge.

I’m thinking of how I market myself. I use the word “experienced” and I am.

If I said I was “used” it would surely imply that I’ve done what I’ve done more than once – it would be true – but I’m wondering who would hire me?

I do ask customers to “use” me but now that I’ve been used thousands and thousands of times, that almost implies that I’m depleted!

Au contraire!

Aha ~ be mindful of the labels you own

Phil Mickelson, a winning PGA golfer, had blown a lead in a tournament a couple of years ago.

In his interview with the press, he said, “I’m such an idiot.”

If that’s what he said out loud, I’m wondering what he was saying to himself.

He played an awesome series of rounds – just didn’t stay focused the entire time – and labelled himself “an idiot”.

Justified? I hardly think so.

How you refer to yourself is so critical to your self-worth. You are the person you trust the most and you believe what you tell yourself about yourself.

When you choose powerful words you aspire to them. You grow to them.

When you choose reducing words, they can be debilitating. Your spirit shrinks.

As god’s highest form of creation you’re absolutely perfect.

You’re designed to screw up. That’s how you learn.

Keep the labels positive. You’re so worth it.

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