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Aha Moment Monday

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I visited the Island of Bermuda last week. The country endured tropical storm Fay and 10 days later hurricane Gonzalo earlier this month. Serious back-to-back storms. One of my customers commented that “nature’s weed whacker thinned things out”. Ya … just a little.

I was amazed that after such devastating – frightening – weather, power was restored, roadways (and more importantly golf courses 🙂 were cleared, and when I arrived it was business-as-usual. Many locals also pointed out how nature has a way of restoring itself. Alternating light rain and sunshine brought much of the vegetation back quickly and both the people and the land were thriving.

Aha – resilience isn’t a skill it’s a mindset.

Mother Nature can pack a wallop now and then but it provides itself all the conditions to return to a balanced environment. And it does. Just like a bird doesn’t try and fly – it just flies – there’s no thinking involved with Mother Nature’s restoration plan. Returning to balance is just, well, natural.

We, too, have everything we need to be resilient. Life throws curve balls – we’re not in control of all of our circumstances – and we have the resources and knowledge to return to balance.

But what gets in the way of us staying calm when it feels like everything we know is changing? Doubt? Fear? Worry? Anxiety? Lack of trust?

What if we took the mindset that regardless of what life sent our way that we could handle it? Would that change our perspective or perhaps reduce the fear of change?

Sometimes it takes a friend, or a community or an entire country to restore balance, but the bottom line is that we have what it takes.

And here’s the really good news. Oftentimes the new balance is even better than the old one.

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