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Aha Moment Monday

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What keeps you up at night?

Is it your to-do list?

Fear of not waking up to your alarm and missing your flight?

Your teenager who hasn’t returned from a party?

Big decision on a new hire?

Expanding business into a new market?

There are a number of published antidotes to sleeplessness like making a list, setting boundaries, parking your worries in a proverbial box, being grateful.

As an adult you likely have so much on your mind – so many demands on you – that it’s tough to get that mind to settle.

But do you want it to?

I’m asking because, well, remember when you were little and you couldn’t sleep in anticipation of your birthday or Christmas?

The excitement was exhilarating and you didn’t want to miss one single moment!!

When something is important to you – or DRIVES you – like “purpose”, it consumes your attention.

Here’s the clincher: Purpose knows no clock.

Aha – If your dreams are keeping you up at night you’re on the right path

“Worry” is negative and not only blocks creativity, it’s a great way to rob yourself of restorative sleep.

However, when you clear your mind of worry and start to own the dream you have for yourself, the creative possibilities of how it’ll come into existence flow. And they flow when you’re quiet.

The noise of the day drowns out and blocks the channels but stillness opens the flood gates.

I know, I know … bad timing because you’d rather get up early and get a jump on the day, right??

“Never let the urgent crowd out the important.” Kelly Caitlin Walker

You were probably taught to listen to your body.

I’m going to suggest you also listen to your mind.
Your greatness is calling.

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