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Aha Moment Monday

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Have a look around.

What do you see?
Insane traffic, an overloaded “inbox”, demands on your time?

Let’s try that again.

And now this time look through your eyes. Look with your heart.

What do you see?

Majestic colours in the fall foliage?

A work environment that fosters your growth?

Family or friends who want so much to be part of your life?

Ssshhhhhhhhh … listen.

That’s the sound of peace.

It’s the high level of vibration that exists in you when you’re still and at your most authentic state.

Aha – peace isn’t something we pray for it’s something we become.

With awareness comes responsibility.

Malala Yousefzai knows that only too well. She’s stubborn and courageous and determined and for that, and more, we celebrate her … in honour of peace.

Motivated in gratitude, that which Malala believes must be a new reality, will become. She has dedicating her life to it.

There is a little Malala in each of us. Grateful. Aware. Courageous. Purposeful.

Born for greatness.

The question is, how great will you allow yourself to be?

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